Things To Make Concrete And Construction More Sustainable.

Concrete is the most used material for construction purposes. It is produced from a mixture of cement, aggregates, and water. It is a mixture that provides you with good strength and binding features. Aggregates are stones, pebbles, etc. But using these has many negative impacts on the environment. Cement in the concrete mixture generates a high level of greenhouse gases. It is also rank 3 in emitting carbon dioxide. Out of total carbon-dioxide emission cement industry alone contribute 4% to 5%. So the concrete industry requires improvement and new technology. So below mention are some points that can be done to make concrete and construction more sustainable and to reduce its negative impact on the environment:

Replacement of cement

As mention above, cement is used in the formation of concrete. It also emits many greenhouse gases that cause harm to the environment. Using Portland cement with supplementary material can also help in solving this problem to some extent.

So it has become crucial to replace the cement with other materials that help make concrete and construction stronger, attain a particular level of quality, and have less impact on the environment. Closure and Container Manufacturers Association use the following material to replace the cement in the concrete mixture:

  1. Ashes

Ashes are the byproduct. These are usually left behind of the coal burning. These ashes can be used in place of cement. That helps the construction company to make their concrete sustain for a long time.

  1. Ground Granulated Blast- Furnace Slag

It is also a byproduct. Furnace Slag can obtain it from the iron and steel industry. Here the melted iron and steel are put into water and oil to produce a granular product. Later the granules are converted into fine powder to use as a substitute for cement. It might take a more extended time to get dry, but once it is dried, it gets more vital day by day and sustains for a more extended period.

  1. Silica Fumes

It is a buy product that arises at the time of conversion of quartz into silicon. Therefore, a fine powder is arising at the time of conversion. This powder provides the concrete mixture more strength and durability to sustain for a more extended period of time without any damages.

  1. Limestone Fine

Limestone is generally grey but is also available in the colors yellow, white, and many more. It is a soft material that is scratched easily. Limestone Fine is the powder that can be obtained by processing the limestone. It is less reactive than both ashes and Ground Granulated Blast- Furnace Slag.


Following are some of the materials that Interpretation can use to replace the cement in the concrete mixture to reduce its impact on the environment and increase the material’s sustainability. Not only these things but many other things that help you increase sustainability lie in the design of the building and proper planning of constriction. Closure and Container Manufacturers Association provides you with the unique design of the buildings that ensure outstanding sustainability.…